Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Getting Organized - Writing Binders!

As many of you already know, this Saturday I'll be going away to a writing program for teens for an entire week. This is something that I've been looking forward to since I was accepted into it in January (I literally ran into "Once On This Island" rehersal screaming, "I'M IN!"). While I was putting together my list of things that I need to bring, I realized: I don't have any of my writing organized in a portable fashion!

I've made various attempts at throwing chapters of Into the Woods into a folder and slapping my name on the cover, but all of them eventually fell apart and/or were lost in the abyss that is my bedroom. So, what's a girl to do but put together a binder full of everything I could possibly need to take to camp with me!

So, want to learn how to put together your own writing binder?
Well, here's how!

Step One - Find A Suitable Binder & Some Dividers
If you know you'll be putting a lot into it, buy one of the bigger ones. If you'll only be needing to organize a few things, a small or mid-sized one will do. If a binder isn't what you'd like to carry around with you, a folder or accordian folder works as well, but they aren't as durable and are harder to organize.You can use any sort of divider you'd like, but I've found that the transparancy-sheet type is easiest, as you can put sheets of paper in them.

Step Two- Gather the Important Things
Anything that you know you'll absolutely want/need in your binder/folder are the first things you should put together. You can organize them in order of importance or however you like, but they're best at the front of your binder/folder so that you can access them easier. You can either keep them seperate from everything else with a divider, or even a folder (If you have a larger binder, that is).

Step Three- Get YOUR Writing Together
If you write in a notebook, you can simply stick your notebook right into the binder and you're all set. If not, slide one of your dividers right in there and add your own work. You can organize it however you like; with mine, I chose to keep poetry in one section, with my fiction in another.

Step Four- Print Out Any Other Writings
Of course, this part is optional, but I've found that reading some of my favorite writings can be rather inspiring. Make sure whatever you decide to print out is legal though!

Step Five - Make It Your Own
You can design it however you like: print out some pictures of your friends, family, pets, or whatever else you'd like.

Then, ta-da, you have your own writing binder!

Some Suggestions For Other Things You Can Add:
-Pages from webpages on writing you've found helpful.
-Summaries of your favorite books for inspiration
-Scrap Paper (For writing down any sudden ideas you may have)
-Any book covers you've made for your work