Who I Am

~Insert some cleverly thought out opening for an "about me" here~

I'm never very good at coming up with those sorts of things. In fact, I hate having to come up with opening sentences for anything that I write. That's actually what I consider to be the hardest part of writing: coming up with an interesting opening.

So, on with the important things!

My name is Jessyka and I am fifteen years old. I live in a town in Massachusetts, but attend a private school in a city that's close by. I don't consider myself to be like a lot of other girls my age for a lot of reasons that should become pretty obvious as I post more here.

What should be pretty obvious from the start though is that I love to read and I love to write. I've been writing ever since I could hold a pen, but I only started getting serious about it last year. In the fall of 2009, I began working on the first draft of Into the Woods, which became the first book for me to actually ever finish (April 2010, 85k words). It was awarded a spot in's top 5 in February and it recieved an editorial review from Harper Collins. Jaded was also reviewed by Harper Collins in September 2010.

I am currently working on the second draft of Into the Woods, along with it's sequel Into the Web and various other projects. Like many writers, I hope to one day be published.

Quick Facts About Me:

~I love, love acting and being on stage. I've been in a production of Twelfth Night (I got stuck playing the priest, which is ironic due to my lack of belief in religion), The Actors Nightmare (Ellen), and just recently Once On This Island (Ti Moune)

What they did to my hair for The Actor's Nightmare. That took me about 2 hours and one bottle of conditioner to undo.

One of the props I made for Twelfth Night all by myself.

Me in tree-mode for Once On This Island. I'm the one in the orange holding up the palm-tree-thingy, in case you couldn't tell.

~I have a lot of random, silly adventures.

That was a fun trip to Ikea. Many people stopped to stare as my brother and I tried out all of the children's furniture.

~My favorite band is Nightwish.

Oh how I love them

~I love my dog, Nessie.

She was very pleased with all the snow that winter.

~I am challenged when it comes to anything artsy-craftsy

An attempt at coloring eggs gone horribly wrong.

~I always look like a vampire in photos where the flash is on

Exhibit A, with Jenna making a derp face in the background.

Exhibit B, at my friend's Christmas party.

~I'm a pretty goofy kid in general.

I was way too excited when I realized I fit in that.