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The Venaltrian Chronicles

The Crimson Revolution Trilogy

Book One: Into the Woods

Imagine a world where everything everybody around you thought wasn't real, came to life.

Life for sixteen year old Myress Dean has always been routine and dull-- except for her Talents. Ever since she was ten, Myress has been able to sense the weather before anybody else, see auras, and even hear thoughts of those close to her-- things that are not so dull at all. Though strange and far from ordinary, Myress has never questioned her "gifts".

When a group of new kids move into the area, Myress cannot help but notice how strange they are. But after a series of startling events, the pieces of the puzzle finally fit together and Myress figures out who she really is.

Welcome to Venaltra, Myress: Where every mythical being is real.


Book Two: Into the Web

One night. That's all it takes to ruin Myress's new life
in Venaltra. That's all it takes to set off a series of events
that couldruin everything that Shadow
has ever worked for. 

The year that the Crimson Coven is asked to host
 the annual Winter Solstice festival is one that will
 never be forgotten. At the end of the most lavish
of the parties, a body is found in a storage room
 in the back of the manor. The body of another vampire.

More bodies start showing up by the day and fingers are
pointed. When everything seems to be at its
worst-- both for Myress and Shadow-- there are two
 appearances of people who were once close to
Shadow in two completely different

By jealousy and hate and by love and want.

People are framed. Lies are brought to the surface, and the
true colors of many are being revealed. Will the coven fall
 apart? Will the killer be stopped before it's too late?
Only Myress seems to have the courage to keep things together,
and only time will tell if she can handle the pressure.

Book Three: Into the Flame

Living in exile isn't as fun as it's cracked up to be.

Having been forced out of the manor, The Remainders are now stuck living in a tiny apartment in the capital of Venaltra. But living in Ignis isn't such a fun time when there are wanted posters with your face on them on the sides of countless buildings. Forced to live in disguise, both Shadow and Myress have found life to be quite difficult once again.

With a revolution clearly aproaching due to the sudden change in government, things are at great stake for everyone living in Venaltra. When an opportunity arises for The Remainders to leave hiding, a challenge is issued by Venaltra's new Queen. A challenge that could kill the group and possibly many others.

Can The Remainders give Venaltra the revolution it desperately needs? Or will the world succumb to its new dictator?


Mesa lives in Seritva-- a once beautiful city located on
the base of a dormant volcano. Many decades ago,
 the world was ravaged by a horrible virus that
killed off nearly three-fifths of the population.
Back then, people believed that it would eventually
go away or be cured.

Too bad they were wrong.

The sickness still exists, and kills off hundreds
of people every day. Mesa had the sickness.
but somehow was able to overcome it, and survive--
becoming the first person to ever live through it in Seritva.
When asked to become part of a special group of survivors
from other cities, she accepts.

Little does she knows, there is no turning back once joining.
No matter how bad you want to leave.


Maybe the ones we consider insane are actually the normal ones. What if it is us normal people that are insane?

Emilessa Maxwell used to be considered a normal fifteen year old girl. She and her best friend, Nina, were the two most likable girls at her old school. When Nina is brutally murdered one night, everything changes. Emilessa goes through a complete transformation: she dyes her hair, pierces her eyebrow, and locks herself away from the world. She also begins to see Nina’s ghost just about wherever she goes.

Concerned for her daughter, Emilessa’s mom sends her away to a private boarding school in New England in hopes that her daughter will go back to being ‘normal’. When Em arrives at the school, two things happen: she is instantly forced into becoming a member of a secret society called The Jaded, a group of students who are just as strange as Em that are obsessed with a strange stone call the Jade, and Nina suddenly disappear.

When the Jade is stolen, Nina shows up again. But Nina isn’t the only ghost that comes back. When the other ghosts begin terrorizing the other students, it seems that Emilessa is the only one with enough courage to search for the Jade. The only problem is: she’d rather have Nina around.