Sunday, June 26, 2011

New friends, new memories, new writing bits, new video!

Hello all! I'm finally home from my magical adventure at Juniper Insitute for Young Writers! I must say, I had a spectacular time.

There were about sixty of us there-- most of us girls-- and everyone was just so amazingly friendly. What's funny is that we all had similar interests other than just writing (Every other person was a theater geek, like myself). It was so easy to get along with people and we were all like family within a matter of days. I'm so sad that it's over already, but at the same time, I found myself to be very homesick. So, now I'm back home in Billerica and ready to move on to the rest of the summer!

I'm going to be posting a more detailed video about Juniper on my youtube channel, but for now, you can enjoy this video of me reading an excerpt of Into the Woods at open mic night, which was Saturday night:

Keep checking back here, as it's almost time for another book review!